March 2014 Report: Abandoned

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Since June of 2011, the government of Sudan has embarked on a campaign of aerial bombings, forced denial of humanitarian aid to areas under control of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N), and ground attacks against the people groups of the Nuba Mountains. The catastrophe that has unfolded for over three years in this geographic area of Sudan — which resides in South Kordofan state just north of the Sudan and South Sudan border — has severely impacted hundreds of thousands of people and sent tens of thousands more fleeing to South Sudan.

On the evening of December 15, 2013, a chaotic and separate crisis in South Sudan erupted in the capital city of Juba following months of gridlock within the ruling political party, growing divisions amongst a handful of power-hungry party leaders, and years of rampant corruption. Fighting has quickly expanded along ethnic lines across broad areas of the country. This split sections of the national army and led to a rapid resurgence of armed militias, and fighters loyal to both sides commit atrocities.

While this new crisis in South Sudan has received deserved attention and involvement from the international community, the ongoing crises in Sudan remain in a state of near abandonment. The recent violence paralyzing much of South Sudan has placed additional stress on refugees who have fled out of the Nuba Mountains and nearby Blue Nile, another Sudanese state that is under siege by the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) and their associated militias.

Many of these refugees are now facing an impossible decision: remain in conflict- torn South Sudan and risk being caught in the crossfire or flee back into the war in Sudan, where targeted aerial bombings and man-made humanitarian relief shortages continue. 


In a new report, “Abandoned,” following a March 2014 End Nuba Genocide Coalition relief operation to Kodok refugee camp near the border of Sudan and South Sudan, the Coalition provides visual evidence that the crisis in South Sudan is further deepening the humanitarian issues for refugees who are trapped between two conflicts. For refugees closer to direct ground conflict in South Sudan and those not on the beaten paths of current humanitarian efforts, the 2014 rainy season could spell disaster for those most vulnerable such as children under the age of five, the elderly, and the ill.

This important field update also notes that a lack of vaccination campaigns, educational supplies and teachers, and international willpower to bring relief to some of these refugees trapped on the border will have increasingly negative long-term effects for the future of these people.

View Photos From the March 2014 Aid Mission here.

View Abandoned Report (PDF)


Meet Mark C. Hackett

Mark is the CEO and Executive Director of Operation Broken Silence, an emerging human rights organization that specializes in using multimedia tools to end mass atrocity crimes. His work has been featured by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, and over 100 other media, news and non-profit organizations. He has also testified to the United States Congress multiple times concerning the crisis in Sudan.

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Meet John Jefferson


John first went to Sudan with Medical Teams Worldwide on a mission to the Blue Nile region during the Civil War in 2004 and has returned almost every year since to do humanitarian and church planting projects. Beyond Sudan John has traveled to over 30 countries, learned multiple languages, and studied and taught history, social sciences and business.  He currently works in the field of government and community relations for a large telecommunications company and lives in Northern California with his wife of 12 years.

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For five long days they faced aerial bombings, government militia attacks, and no food or clean water as they made the dangerous trek to the South Sudan border. 344 men, women, and children were fleeing a government-enforced famine and war that seeks to destroy them.

Four were taken by government militias. No one knows where they are now. By the time they arrived in South Sudan, 69 people had dropped dead of starvation. 40 of them were innocent children.

Those that made it out alive had a simple message they said needed to get to us. The relief we delivered in May has run out, an unusually dry rainy season means few crops can be cultivated, and the warplanes and militias are hunting people down like they were animals. And 22,000 people are trapped without the resources to flee or sustain themselves.

It is real-life stories like these that cast further doubt onto the promise of “never again.” But that promise is not the responsibility of world leaders alone, it belongs to all of us.

We are currently working on a more sustainable solution with our partners on the ground; however, due to the unfolding catastrophe at hand, we are also called to action now. We are excited to announce that every donation made up to a collective $10,000 will be matched 100%, dollar for dollar. Funds given to this worthy cause will go towards another relief delivery to the 22,000 people trapped off the beaten path in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan.

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